Rules of NBar salon


Dear customers, the service of NBar salon is based on absolute love of work and mutual respect. Respect is impossible without your participation.


Therefore, there are rules in our salon, following which our cooperation will be the most productive:

Making an appointment: 

When making an appointment, please, tell us about all the nuances: French manicure, design, nail strengthening, nail repair are additional services that require more time for your appointment. 

Without telling us about additional services in advance, it will be impossible to do them due to the fact that the next client is booked straight after you, and we cannot keep the client waiting.


We always try to ensure that the procedures start on time, and also that none of our guests are waiting for their appointment in case that they arrived on time.

In this regard, if you are late for 15 minutes or more, we have the right to refuse you a service or some part of it, we strive for the comfort of each guest and this is a necessary measure.

Cancellation of appointment:

If you want to cancel the appointment, please, notify us in advance. Every day we refuse to book our clients, as there are not enough available seats. Appreciate our time and the time of our masters, because they could accept another client if they knew that you would not come. 

If you cancel 2 or more appointments less than 6 hours before the booked time, we will be forced to book you on a 50% prepayment. We understand the position of each client and always treat the changed plans with understanding, from you - only a timely warning.

7-day warranty:

Our salon guarantees you a perfect gel polish coating for 7 days after the procedure. The warranty applies to the gel polish coating provided in combination with a manicure or pedicure.

Mechanical damage, for example, a broken nail, a scratched coating, is not going to be repaired for free. We are aware that there are different cases, so before fulfilling the warranty obligations, we invite you to a consultation where the nail master will be able to accurately determine the nature of the damage.

There is no guarantee for coating with ordinary nail polish due to the fact that this coating is not so resistant and lasts up to 7-10 days. 

Our rules are about the guarantee of your comfort in the NBar salon and the manicure for which you would love to return. Observing those rules we will be able to make you happier for many years☺️

Thank you for your understanding and we are waiting for you in NBar!